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Re: Software recommendations
« Reply #165 on: 02. February 2016, 13:20:53 »
For music playback, I highly recommend audacious and mpd+sonata (gtk) or mpd+cantata (qt).
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Re: Software recommendations
« Reply #166 on: 06. February 2016, 16:16:46 »

   For music management and playback I use >> Nightingale 1.13a, Build 78bd501225 (20160130094042)

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Re: Software recommendations
« Reply #167 on: 06. February 2016, 21:16:44 »
Hmmm, I haven't read all the posts here (but looked at few, and found nice stuff), anyway, I'd like to post a list of what I'm current using:
- JWM as the window manager (and 'tray', how the 'bottom panel' is called in JWM)
- Scrot to take screenshots (in a few custom command lines preset in Manjaro JWM Community Edition)
- Sakura as terminal
- Pale Moon (very nice and much more lightweight)
- Pacli as the default Pacman frontend (although I also have Pamac, just to look the descriptions, dependencies and manage orphans pks; to a couple of things I think Pacmac is easier)
- Leafpad
- mEdit as an 'advanced text editor' (very useful to edit XML syntax, that is default in JWM)
- Catfish
- Clipit for clipboard management
- Xarchiver
- Mirage
- Gcolor2 (mainly to edit some themes in JWM)
- mtPaint (although I dont like it very much, just use it because is lightweight AND because I'm very short in HD space)
- SMPlayer (with MPV as backend; also I almost always watch YT videos with it, much faster, lighter and more responsive than flash or html5 webplayer, at least to me)
- LXMusic
- HexChat
- Transmission
- LibeOffice 5 (pretty heavy and slow to me, I'm thinking about going back to 4)
- qpdfview (I'm liking it a lot, much better then ePDFView; sometimes, when I have big and heavy pdf, I use muPDF, but I dont have it installed now)
- Nitrogen for wallpaper (maybe I'll change to 'pcmanfm --desktop'; I also would have support for a very messy Desktop folder with a bunch of 'lost documents 'there, ahaha)
- Lxappearance
- Manjaro Settings Manager, of course.
- Wicd (but it has some issues, I'm gonna get back to NetworkManager)
- Xsensors (handy to quick look at my hardware temperature)
- Bleachbit (to save HD space; the most useful action Bleachbit can perform, I guess, is to delete unused language files; Debian based distros have a nice pkg called 'localepurge', something I miss here in Manjaro/Arch)
- Profile Cleaner, a nice CLI tool found in AUR that cleans browser cache and defrag its database (or something like that), I think the browser runs (a little) smother after I run it, and also saves me some HD space).
I guess that's about everything I have installed here right now, I hope this can help if someone is looking for small and light programs.
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