Author Topic: Firefox 55 extension popups show up as black boxes...  (Read 542 times)

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Firefox 55 extension popups show up as black boxes...
« on: 21. September 2017, 23:45:45 »

Over the past few weeks a problem cropped up for me when using Firefox 55 on my fully updated Manjaro MATE system. As you can see in the attached screenshot, when I try click on an extension's toolbar icon (such as uBlock Origin or Multi-Account Containers) to open its pop up, they always show up as black boxes...

I also observed that if I move my mouse cursor over the black boxes, the cursor would change between a hand an a pointer which suggests that the UI elements are still there.

How do I troubleshoot this? Thanks!

P.S. Here is a link to a screenshot in case of issue with the attachment:
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