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Firefox MITI
« on: 07. September 2017, 12:05:00 »

It has been rumbling around Mozilla's security being compromised by Google and Mozilla openly announcing they will be "getting political" to
filter what will be displayed though Firefox.

I read in the Mozilla blog (link below) their aim is to educate and empower web users against misinformation.  I do agree filtering is needed
but who determines what is or is not mis-information, Going forward is Mozilla qualified to determine whats wrong or right, Is Mozilla going to use
guidance from all financial political, social sectors?  I can't see how they can.  It's has an odour of 1984 if you ask me.

We know algorithms and filters can be "tweaked" in the background at any time without users knowing, A couple of years ago Facebook got caught
with their "Happy News" experiment designed to influence peoples mood, Facebook later tried to cover up.  Youtube has been caught routinely
changing viewing stats and demonetise videos if it isn't broadly complaint with their advertising policy.

Will the principles of Linux, of Free and Open be affected by only displaying allowing websites the browser deems acceptable for you to visit.

i think what/however outside influences try to shape our world, The truth, Free thinking/speech, Openness, Controversial ideas, inspiration, will
always prevail and has got us to where we are today.  After all without these we won't have Linux! :)

Whats your thoughts?

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Re: Firefox MITI
« Reply #1 on: 08. September 2017, 01:01:54 »
I think that as one browser/search-engine becomes less free & open, then others will pop-up, or modify their behavior in defense of freedom.

I unfortunately agree with you re. 1984. If it weren't for IT, BIG brother couldn't exist.

Perhaps we can take heart in the fact that A.I. will be/is smarter than us & will therefore make better decisions!

On a side note: you do realize amtrakuk that this forum now only exists for archival purposes & so has very few readers these days?

If you would like to reach a wide audience of the ever growing Manjaro community, then you need to post in the Discourse (not my favorite forum software) forum.

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