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[How-To] Quickly find your posts / topics:
« on: 13. July 2013, 19:19:32 »
There is some concern that if someone's post gets moved into another part of the forum they won't know where it has gone due to forum policy being NOT to leave a notification thread that points to the thread's new home.

Why no notification you may ask? Every time a new thread is created there is an automatic twitter tweet sent. Enough said.

So how do I quickly find my threads / posts?

1. Go to the Profile menu at the top of the page, choose Summary, on the left hand side (under your avatar if you have one) in big writing you will see Show Posts. Select that & your posts are listed most recent first.

2. When looking at one of your own posts, on the left hand side of the screen not too far below your avatar or name, if you don't use an avatar, there are the little app icons for various forms of messaging, your web page & such (some users have lots of these, some may only have a couple). One of those says View Profile when you mouse over it. Selecting that takes you straight to your Profile's Summary page where you can hit the Show Posts link to see all of your posts as mentioned in option 1. above.

So if you loose one of your posts, this is how you'll find it again.    ;)
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Re: [How-To] Quickly find your posts / topics:
« Reply #1 on: 13. July 2013, 21:39:18 »
Thank you for the tip.


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Re: [How-To] Quickly find your posts / topics:
« Reply #2 on: 04. August 2013, 14:52:00 »
thanks :) Useful option when trying to learn what already learned

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Re: [How-To] Quickly find your posts / topics:
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