Author Topic: Whats going on with Manjaro XFCE 16.10?!?  (Read 1329 times)

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Whats going on with Manjaro XFCE 16.10?!?
« on: 06. November 2016, 00:25:08 »
Dear Manjaro team.
First of all, I do appreciate your work for making Manjaro Linux as good as possible.
But, I do not understand why always updates and new releases turn into a crap.
Unfortnately 16.10. too.

1. Why users need (!) to re-register for the new forum??? I haven't heard that before.
2. XFCE release 16.10. - update suddenly Internet is very slow, it even freezes.
3. Issues with display brightness function keys. Partially after pressing the keys the entire notebook freezes.

It really sucks. Sitting on it the second weekend already without resolving the probs until now.

Have a good night.

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Re: Whats going on with Manjaro XFCE 16.10?!?
« Reply #1 on: 02. December 2016, 22:09:07 »
Hey, I don't want to bash, but I did notice that the drop-down terminal has started acting differently under XFCE 16.10...

If you do an "ls -laF" in a terminal, then "clear" and then click the tray icon several times (to drop, undrop, drop) you'll see the history start coming back slowly.