Author Topic: Installation crashed: KDE 16.06.1, 16.08-pre4 + 5  (Read 740 times)

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Installation crashed: KDE 16.06.1, 16.08-pre4 + 5
« on: 24. August 2016, 07:48:48 »
I had to exchange my system disk and tried to install KDE 16.06.1, 16.08-pre4 + 5 and I've got always the same error messages (line number differs). I use a ssd disk with a ms-dos partition table. In the
attachment you find the error messages (copied by hand). Removing the error without installation of a bootloader should be simple. I prefer a code like this 'shutil.rmtree(TEMP_DIR, ignore_errors=True)'.
I have no idea what is the problem to create the bootloader (bios ?).
At the moment I use a new installation based on KDE 15.12 and using the latest updates without any problems.