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« on: 23. July 2016, 10:47:29 »

Inspired from another arch fellow and his laptop snapshot I switched from openbox and started using dwm back in february 2015.

Since dwm was written and configured in C, I had no trouble getting it running, patched and configured they way I want to in the very first day.

My first day was all around to get dwm working, and deprecate conky with my own version written in C that depends entirely on the standard library and doesn't call any 3rd party program.

And that is how (formerly known as dwm-bar.c) was born.

In August 15 2015 I switched to xmonad and one week later I switched from Arch to FreeBSD then to Gentoo, since my needs was to have more control over the programs/libraries features that matter to me.

So several days ago decided to officially support other window managers too instead just dwm in my program.


The program can now be used anywhere, after some inspiration from tmux, she is no longer tied to Window Managers and linux only.

Updated the links.
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