Author Topic: Search a good USB Wifi stick for Manjaro  (Read 758 times)

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Search a good USB Wifi stick for Manjaro
« on: 10. May 2016, 16:21:18 »

so, quite sensitive, do not use ndiswrapper. Price or size are not main factors.

Thanks for your ideas.  :)
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Re: Search a good USB Wifi stick for Manjaro
« Reply #1 on: 11. May 2016, 01:02:48 »
I'm using both RAlink tongle and Realtek dongle. RAlink (rt2800) work fine, no problem and its supported from the standard firmware.
I used also realtek 8192cu dongle, in my opinion it is able to assure better performance and it is more stable, but the standard firmware is buggy and unusable. I used the 8192cu-dkms firmware, from AUR, perfect but starting from the kernel its no longer possible to use this firmware.

This is my cent :)