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Re: installing using multiple hard drives
« Reply #15 on: 11. May 2016, 16:11:06 »
ZFS & BTRFS have the ability to be set-up to do much more than "normal" filesystems do. Lots more. So much more that you need to search out their wiki pages at least.

This is a great place for ZFS info:

Also, ZFS is uses the CDDL license which is incompatible with GPL, this is why it can't be distributed with the Linux kernel.
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Re: installing using multiple hard drives
« Reply #16 on: 11. May 2016, 21:30:19 »
For a rookie like my self I came up with a simple solution. I bought a Kingwin power switch with allows me to power up to 6 hard drives totally independent from one another. So I have 3 hard drives now. One is my test hard drive, and when there is a major update, I run it with the test hard drive first to see what happens. Than I have two identical hard drives (one backup). So All I have to do is power which ever I want, by simply pushing a button, instead of connecting and disconnecting!  ;)