Author Topic: [partially-SOLVED] : Kernel panic : Manjaro-16.06 NOT booting after CLIInstall  (Read 2206 times)

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[Minor UPDATE_02]:

 ok, no more spoiled brat phoney/virtualbox installations for me.
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 That should light a fire under their  <3
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I noticed that it had switched my sda with sdb, within my system.
Just a small point. That is caused by the bios which will assign the device mapping, nothing to do with installer, either calamares or cli.
And that may change too with every boot, especially with more than 2 drives.
Normally, when you boot off a drive - not the one normally 'you' (not bios) call 'sda', that drive will be 'sda' to the bios.
Try booting off an external - most people won't call externals 'sda' - (with a bootloader in it), that external will become 'sda' (check with 'lsblk -f' or others).
The point is, what 'you' call sda doesn't matter. It's what the 'bios' call and that is what the system uses.

And not to worry too much either, grub2 by using uuid, makes sure you boot the correct partition regardless of sda/sdb/sdc confusion
(won't be the case with grub-legacy).
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It's why I like UUID.
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