Author Topic: Temporary Quick Fix for Plasma 5 - Breaking Compositor /Decorations  (Read 1217 times)

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As you know there is a bug which is breaking compositor when you are running games or apps with opengl .
The result is that the compositor gets disable every time you launch something that is using opengl and when you exit, the compositor is enabled again but with broken decorations or blank screen flashing all over.
By having the compositor disabled also leads to other issues like tearing issues etc

The fix is simple

run "kcmshell5 kwinrules" and create a blind rule (just don't press the detect button), then in the last tab Appearance & Fixes -> force "block compositing" to "no"

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HI !

Is it the same bug that sometimes happens when waking up the computer from sleeping mode (disappearing decorations / plasma crash / sometimes flickering screen) ? I thought that was due to buggy intel HD 3000 drivers but maybe not after all ! Restarting kwin & plasma "fixes" it.

Also it's stated on the KDE Neon page that Qt 5.6.0 has issues with Plasma and thus they are sticking to Qt 5.5.x. Is it related ?

Thanks a lot for your help, this is my only last issue with Plasma & Manjaro :) (apart from the fact Breeze GTK is broken :( )
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