Author Topic: Suggestion: Pentesting version of Manjaro  (Read 2617 times)

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Re: Suggestion: Pentesting version of Manjaro
« Reply #15 on: 08. May 2016, 15:24:33 »
IMHO, it is an idea akin to, "Hey, let's give Manjaro an entirely different purpose."

Pentesting--penetration testing of computer systems--comes with  nasty, nasty implications. Per Wikipedia:
A penetration test, informally pen test, is an attack on a computer system that looks for security weaknesses, potentially gaining access to the computer's features and data.

Calling it "pentesting" makes it sound nice 'n' fluffy.

It could be called the Manjaro Nice 'n' Fluffy Edition. Then we could provide support for all the 'leet haxors who just discovered Linux.

There, that makes it all better.  >:D

P.S. Then we could have a sub-forum: 'Leet Sistems I Has Haxed"
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Re: Suggestion: Pentesting version of Manjaro
« Reply #16 on: 08. May 2016, 15:41:48 »
Thats fair enough c00ter!

And i must admit i prefer white hats to black hats ... but the only way to defend yourself is to understand the attacker ... its why children learn to lie  .. (usually because their parents are the biggest fibbers  :P)  ... so,they dont become sitting ducks for those that seek to deceive them.
Most scams are successful ... because silly people 'answer' things like send me $50 and i will give you a Lamborgini ... and theres no hope for those people ... other than learn the hard way.

Many interested in pentesting may have an interest an pursuing a career in that direction ... for those who want to spy on their girlfriends .. most pentest applications are licenced through security professionals,so that those who seek to 'misuse' them - might just leave 'muddy little footprints' ;)
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Re: Suggestion: Pentesting version of Manjaro
« Reply #17 on: 08. May 2016, 16:32:05 »
I dislike the idea of a manjaro pentesting spin.

I really do now want to read noob questions here in the forum about how to use xyz or how to hack a facebook account....
If you are not able to install tools without downloading a "pentest distro" aka I feel cool because I have over 9000 tools I do not understand,
then you do not need them at all.

Thanks its solved used --force
so now i got all the blackarch packages what to do next ??? how to integrate those packages in manjaro kde iso??

You do not!
You are not the creator of the repository. You do not have any right to distribut work you created while adding work you did not create.
Ask them first.

about the legal side.
Someone could argue that manjaro is partly created in germany...

"The law does not affect our freedom of speech to report and inform about security vulnerabilities and how to exploit them.
We are just not allowed to create/distribute/use software that could be used as "hacking tools". "

more law

"scroll down to the yellow marked part"

and more

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Re: Suggestion: Pentesting version of Manjaro
« Reply #18 on: 09. May 2016, 20:26:32 »
ok handy  :) will keep that in mind  ;)
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