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old catalyst package in repo
« on: 08. April 2016, 17:11:18 »
I followed this site to install catalyst driver.
and got to know that the catalst driver is old and is only supports 3.x kernel
i tried installing this driver with 4.x kernel and always got a black screen after booting.
Then after installing 3.x kernel everthing working fine.
recently tried chara-linux and in their repo they were an updated catalyst package which supports 4.x kernel.
please update the package of catalyst there in manjaro repo.
and also update the url i mentioned.
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Re: old catalyst package in repo
« Reply #1 on: 08. April 2016, 17:23:06 »
No idea what you're referring to regarding kernel 3.x vs 4.x support, but the Catalyst drivers in the repo work fine with all current kernels.

The easiest way to install drivers is to use Manjaro Settings Manager->Hardware detection.
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