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« on: 17. March 2016, 10:35:07 »
As a long-time Debian testing user, II get an urge now and then to play with another distro, sometimes briefly, sometimes longer.
Had tried an install of Manjaro 15.12 (??), and though impressed (it lasted on my spare drive for aboput 2 weeks), ended up playing with another couple of distros. But impressed enough that when this preview version came out was eager to give it a try.
Been a few days now. Just my personal opinion, but a job well done. Stable, even for an early version. That gives confidence. Even used it for a couple of hours today working on one of my projects, not a single hickup. Looking very much forward to the stable/"final" release, when will install as primary system on one of my laptops.
One thing I find quite disconcerting. Loosing video for a few moments during boot.
One thing which can be frustrating, but I wander off and do something while waiting. Very slow boot from the hard drive.
Just a niote that I will only sometimes post. Have great difficulty reading captcha's, and having those extra verifications just annoy me. The first alone will deter me from any serious involvement in the forum, the others are just irritating.

But, at this time, just wanted to put forward a good report on work being done.