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[ contest | poll ] manjaro-Xfce wallpapers
« on: 13. March 2016, 15:34:26 »
This thread is meant exclusively for the voting for the Xfce-wallpaper contest.
You will be able to change your vote of course, since there will be more wallpapers coming in. They will be added here.
Comments of any kind and new suggestions and submissions please post in the other thread. I will then add them here so this stays clear and clean :)

greenopt (optics)

manjaro_halon (MadmanRB)

cloud (MadmanRB)

kilimanjaro (akhkharuhymns)

manjaro_10 (tulliana)

majaro-arch (collectionExcalibur)

splatter (akoka)

manjaro_stiky (Stiky)

grey_paper (LE3ADAM)

spotlight (Wido)

mountains (AV_Aca)

wood (LogicWavelength)

wood-logo (LogicWavelength)

gradients (LogicWavelength)

green-mountains (TheRingmaster)

moss (TheRingmaster)

black-tree (TheRingmaster)

Mammatus (Ripo)

rainbow (Ripo)

spiderweb (Kristo)

spiderweb2 (Kristo)

flower (Kristo)

rose (Kristo)

stairway-to-heaven (orbmiser/badbodh)
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