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Author Topic: [Update] 2016-03-05 - Plasma5, php 7.0.4, manjaro-cli-installer, Kernels, Python  (Read 9221 times)

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Well considering that a reinstall of manjaro worked pretty well so far I have to say it must have been my config files, after doing some more cleaning after the ubuntu install seems to point that cinnamon might have been to blame for my woes.
KDE now seems like lightning so I imagine it must have been some residual configs I had left over.
Or cinnamon, one of the two.
Since KDE actually seems to work now I may want to stick it around, I am not blaming Manjaro for this as it was probably my configuration files
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That's a pity that cinnamon responded in such a way to config files. I am so tempted to jump DE, but so far XFCE has not disappointed. My future alternatives are: Budgie, Deepin and Cinnamon. I love KDE, but it's a bit too much at times, prefer something more simplistic.haha
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