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Octopi feature request
« on: 22. February 2016, 06:47:36 »
Recently I use Manjaro-System gui tool to remove kernel 4.1 and install kernel 4.3 as a backup (currently using kernel 4.4).
I did that because my hard disk is encrypted. I read a forum post where users of the 4.1 kernel with encrypted hard disks experienced problem booting.
I had already switched to kernel 4.4 and had kernel 4.1 as a backup kernel.

Manjaro-System informed that the new kernel was installed. I rebooted and checked to see if kernel 4.3 was present in the grub menu. The only entry was for kernel 4.4.

Then I used "sudo mhwd-kernel -i linux43" And I saw a message about perhaps removing the db lock in /var/lib/pacman.
There was a db.lock (might not be the exact name - writing from memory). I deleted that, and with "sudo mhwd-kernel -i linux43" the new kernel was installed. Checked its presence in the grub menu and it was listed.

My wish/suggestion perhaps to have Octopi check for the presence of this db.lock and let us know, perhaps showing a padlock icon.

...just a suggestion.

[Edit]...Issue posted on Github:
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