Author Topic: Does fluxbox has nVidia drivers, 5.1 audio, HDMI support out of the box?  (Read 677 times)

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I am a beginner trying out Manjaro. I noticed fluxbox is lightweight and thought of installing it in my mini PC which has Atom processor, 2GB RAM, Nvidia ION, HDMI.
Would like to know if Fluxbox has nVidia drivers already installed? Or I have to install it manually?
Also would 5.1 audio through HDMI will work out of the box?
The reason I am asking is, I am tired of trying out many distros finding out the best distro for my mini PC. I had troubles in installing nVidia drivers and making 5.1 audio work through HDMI in many of the distros.
I have installed Manjaro linux (KDE) in my Desktop PC which has Intel i5, nVidia GTX 970, 8GB RAM and it works like a charm. So, i like Manjaro a lot. Would like to know if Flux box is also just like that so I could install in my mini PC?

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Hi saravanan2407 :)
Welcome :)
Yes,all Manjaro editions come with supported Nvidia Optimus OTB.

Its advisable to use the Netbook Edition for Atom processors however i dont see using a lightweight edition like Fluxbox will be a problem,you can simply add the Netbook components from the repositories if you encounter any problems.(or alternatively go with the Netbook Edition and add Fluxbox components - its a choice ;) )
With regards to HDMI have a read here

Have BIG fun with your mini :)
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I agree with withjaro, but to be sure that your CPU is supported by the netbook kernel and palemoon-atom (if you want to install them) I would ask you to post the output of inxi -F
Generally speaking, Fluxbox is more do-it-yourself with config files, while Xfce (including Netbook Edition) is more 'right-click and change'.
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