Author Topic: Idea for new edition: sway - full wayland version  (Read 3074 times)

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Re: Idea for new edition: sway - full wayland version
« Reply #15 on: 01. February 2016, 18:58:31 »
Okay, I just found out that termite should work on wayland natively. This sounds great, termite is the oenultimate tiling wm terminal anyway :)
Will. The only thing to keep end mind is the shell support or how it handles a different shell. vte base give me slow response to shell like mksh. I been messing around trying other shell other then bash and zsh. Finding mksh really fast and lighter then most others. I been testing Terminology. And it been working really will with other different type of shell. You could try lilyterm. It another vte base but have a gui to it. But it some how have issue with bugging itself out for no reason. But that was a year ago since i last tried it. It able to make it look more like terminal like termite without using any gtk. So it still can work with tiling wm will.