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Question manjaro steamos
« on: 05. December 2015, 08:50:00 »
Would it not be great?
 With steamos on the rising.
Valve is having som problems with performance on steamos.

It would be awesome if manjaro steam os was built. Maybe valve open there eyes and see. Hey there is a new kid on the block. And it's called manjaro steam os. Let's make that our official distro instead =)

So ok.

Would it be possible to make?
Would performance suffer or not?
How can I help make this happend?

Have a great weekend.

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Re: Question manjaro steamos
« Reply #1 on: 05. December 2015, 08:58:58 »
There are people out here who do not game at all, I don't see the necessity to turn the official Manjaro distro into a pure steam gming  system.
I am not interrrested in steam os, regardless on which distribution it is based.
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Re: Question manjaro steamos
« Reply #2 on: 07. February 2016, 05:35:11 »
My "SteamOS machine/server" is simply the Manjaro AwesomeWM edition with Steam set to start on login and autologin enabled.
It changes to Big Picture mode automatically when I connect with the SteamLink, then goes back to minimized when I turn SteamLink off again, to save resources.

It works wonders. ;D

Have Fun! ^-^
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Re: Question manjaro steamos
« Reply #3 on: 07. February 2016, 14:49:40 »
I'd rather have steam installed on my manjaro machine. It's a breeze to install and pre-configured. Both native and valve library versions are available. You really don't need steam OS just for gaming with steam.
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Re: Question manjaro steamos
« Reply #4 on: 02. March 2016, 11:28:52 »
I am perfectly happy with the included Steam client. There's really no need to have a Steam OS Manjaro.
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