Author Topic: keyboard combo to show fluxmenu  (Read 748 times)

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keyboard combo to show fluxmenu
« on: 11. November 2015, 20:38:17 »
I get a fluxmenu by right clicking on the mouse on the desktop but I prefer to use the keyboard.

is there a keyboard combination that will trigger fluxmenu?

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Re: keyboard combo to show fluxmenu
« Reply #1 on: 23. November 2015, 20:34:03 »
 You would have to setup your own shortcut, which is rather easy. In .fluxbox there is a keys file and the first few lines deal with the available menus. For Instance I just did what you want to do by adding

Mod1 F3 :RootMenu

 To my keys file, so when I hit Alt+F3 I get the normal right click menu. Then you can use the arrow keys to navigate.