Author Topic: dbus broke after latest update from testing  (Read 440 times)

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dbus broke after latest update from testing
« on: 05. November 2015, 01:54:49 »
Something in the latest testing update broke dbus on my system. I was unable to boot past login screen (sddm-consolekit). A message window popped up telling me dbus was unable to start. I tried booting to single user mode, but couldn't get internet access, neither wireless nor wired. I have void linux installed as dual-boot, so was able to download dbus-openrc-1.10.2-1 from unstable and copy it over to my manjaro install and do a manual installation in single user mode. All is working well now with the unstable version of dbus-openrc. My Manjaro Plasma 5 OpenRC is a non-standard openrc system, so this may not be an issue for anyone else. Just thought I would pass the info along.

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