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« on: 04. November 2015, 21:00:16 »
Hi there , congrats to everyone involved with this distro ! First time here so be gentle !
I have one of these laptops
This distro even recognised my Broadcom wireless card ootb, and that is a first !
There is a bit of a snag though, my touchpad does not function properly . When I right click (two fingers on the pad) only the workspace menu shows but not the main menu. If I connect a mouse to a usb port everything is aok.
I should mention this is running "live" .
If we can sort this out I will install properly and dump w 10 for ever.

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Re: Touchpad
« Reply #1 on: 05. November 2015, 00:06:16 »
The configuration of your touchpad is explained here:

Code: [Select]
synclient you have the option for playing around without  alter the configuration permanently.