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manjaro only part ways installed
« on: 02. November 2015, 00:37:24 »
help i just installed manjaro lxqt .8.10, i thought it was a newer version when i bought it from on-disk last fall.
i got it installed enough to use it, but it only installed one web browser and its in french!. it wouldn't let me install any off the browsers and said there was no internet connection, but when i start qupzilla it goes right online but the browser is in french which i never took in school. so how do i get a newer version being they sold me a old one?. also i should mention that even though i have been trying to switch over from windows for 10 years now and have 12 different distros all old, i still concider myself as dumb as a box of rocks when it comes to linux!. any help would be appreciated!. 

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Re: manjaro only part ways installed
« Reply #1 on: 02. November 2015, 00:58:33 »
hi tank20101955 :)

its difficult to ascertain whether you have downloaded an incompatible ISO or you may have entered incorrect details durng installation.

However, 08.10 is quite an old release you might have better luck with a newer ... it definitely looks like you have hit the learnng curve horizontally (dont worry i empathise ;)) ... have a random scan through the forum ... read wiki ... and the PDF in your distro ... get 'a feel' for the distro (and community) ... and just tiptoe methodically through the information,you will be surprised that only a few commands are needed to run general maintenance and you get to visualise the system in your mind ... the Manjaro community will always be happy to help ... but try to be specific,it makes your question more confident,and make others more confident to assist you ;) (this a maxim i need to master ;))
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Re: manjaro only part ways installed
« Reply #2 on: 02. November 2015, 01:56:35 »
Welcome to Manjaro! At least you made quite quite a good choice with LXQt, it is light on resources, easy to understand and you have a list of useful applications in the Wiki which you can explore:
The CD you bought is simply too old for such a rapidly developing Linux distribution like Manjaro. You will have troubles updating it. Best, you follow the first link Withjaro provided you with and download the ISO file (32 or 64 Bit version). Then burn it to a CD (32 Bit version is small enough) or DVD and install it like you sucessfully(!) did with the outdated CD. You can also burn the ISO to a USB stick, download for this task a programm called Rufus. (Don't use Unetbootin, it won't work with Manjaro.)
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Re: manjaro only part ways installed
« Reply #3 on: 02. November 2015, 19:28:26 »
you can also "burn" the downloaded ISO file on a usb stick as described in this article:

then, you do not need to waste a DVD...
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