Author Topic: Manjaro Budgie 2015.11 Bellatrix Stable release is out  (Read 19256 times)

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Re: Manjaro Budgie 2015.11 Bellatrix Stable release is out
« Reply #105 on: 01. March 2016, 16:02:14 »
@c00ter I think Ikey should develop the Budgie DE only and work with Manjaro to deliver the best possible user experience :) Imagine! Aaah, one can dream.
I'm thinking of formatting my Multimedia PC, which is currently running Manjaro XFCE. I'm contemplating installing Manjaro Cinnamon, Budgie or Deepin.
Scared of breakages and don't know which one would be the most "stable". I don't know.haha

Meh, it's Ikey's decision to co-develop an OS and a DE. Personally, I would stick with the DE; maybe take a hint or two from Xfce & focus on making the panel, widgets, and backend GTK3-focused. Port it to Arch & Debian bases (as it now is), and be done with it! I'm sure he doesn't get much sleep. ;)

On your other topic...I just generally never recommend it--too much that can go wrong. But if you persist in that kind of lunacy, use a different username for each different DE. That will keep .config files & settings somewhat singular. Good luck.

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