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Problems with OpenRC
« on: 26. October 2015, 18:44:27 »
Hello, OpenRC build is a much needed project and i would hope that it becomes an official distribution, not just a community respin.

Here are some problems that i've seen in all the openrc builds,

1) youtube HD doesn't work out of the box, due to the missing gstreamer-ffmpeg package,
but even with that the maximum video resolution is 720p.

2)update problems on all builds, the lxqt-openrc booted itself into a black screen after updating... not cool at all

3) defaul playback device (aka sound card) randomly changes for no good reason
  i've fixed that by adding /etc/asound.conf with following
Code: [Select]
defaults.ctl.card 0
defaults.pcm.card 0
defaults.timer.card 0

you can find out which is the right one with "aplay -l" command,

4)alsamixer settings don't survive the reboot

5)the iptables rules don't survive the reboot, and i was not able to find a good way to make it work,
(aka loading them before the lan interfaces go up)

6)the lxqt build has a huge mouse lag problem, where the mouse pointer stops responding for farctions of a second every 6-8 seconds,
it also uses a lot of cpu just quickly moving mouse arounds the screen
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