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Updates Query
« on: 18. October 2015, 09:41:31 »
First of: just love this fluxbox spin. Have flirted with openbox/lxde/xfce/mate etc for my underpowered computer - but fluxbox not only is fast but has what I have wanted for a long time: great looking menus/window decorations and panel- without needing a compositor running! and based on manjaro- WOW! Thankyou. Now my query: I have 8.13 installed on one computer (which the only update I had was for the flash player in the past 4 days) then I installed the 15.10 version on another computer to test out and it had a whole bunch of updates this morning to do (about 300mb I think)? (both computers were set to australian servers). Can't understand why both wouldnt have the same updates for the same programs installed. thanks in advance.