Author Topic: Please add support for installing 32 bit GPU drivers without Systemd dependency.  (Read 356 times)

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When I try to install 32 bit nvidia drivers when using the 64 bit version of OpenRC edition of Manjaro I get the dependency lib32-systemd pulled in.I don't know why this is the case but I'm guessing that upstream Arch probably compiled the driver with a systemd dependency.That being said I'm wondering if you guys are able to remove that dependency so I can install the 32 bit version of the nvidia drivers for gaming without having systemd installed in my system.I'll greatly appreciate it if you guys can do it though as I prefer to continue using OpenRC.

EDIT:Okay guys and gals I investigated this problem some more and found out that lib32-mesa is the package that requires systemd as a dependency.Now I think the only way to solve this issue is to simply compile lib32-mesa without that systemd dependecy and name that package as lib32-mesa-openrc and put it into the repos.
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