Author Topic: Font scramble - another selfmade bug by Archlinux  (Read 1820 times)

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Font scramble - another selfmade bug by Archlinux
« on: 23. November 2012, 21:50:26 »
I use my TV-PC not so often for developing Manjaro. So this machine was on our testing repos. On my other PC I was already updated to Manjaro-Unstable using xf86-video-ati for my graphic card. So I was really stoked as I found out my TV-PC got broken somehow. I got crazy fonts and thought: WTF - do we have a virus in Manjaro? Wait a second! Can't be. So I looked into the case. First I uninstalled nvidia-legacy and replaced it with nouveau. Evola! It seems to work. So what is the problem then?

Must be a driver issue. At least some with xorg-server.  A fast search in Archlinux forum gave me the approval. Sometimes I don't get those Arch-Developers at all. Just check this:

Quote from: Jan de Groot (JGC)
upgpkg: xorg-server 1.13.0-4
Update to current git snapshot from server-1.13 branch, backport patch from git master to utilize the new pixman glyph cache

?!? Adding git-patches might work but not adding some from Xorg-Server 1.14-series!!! This is to early and only Archlinux uses this!!! And why is this in Archlinux stable repositories? So I went to the Archforum and found this:

Problem with font rendering: Random characters or font styles
FS#32612 - [xorg-server-common] Pixman update isn't that great
Chromium: tab title becomes transparent

Let the Dev's speak for themselfs:

Quote from: Jan de Groot (JGC)
The patch that makes X use the pixman glyph cache doesn't change API at all, but changes what X does with glyphs. Instead of calculating the same glyphs over and over again, X uses the pixman glyph cache instead. So far the things that don't work are:
- drivers that fuck with internal X stuff, like nvidia seems to do.
- drivers that end up passing stuff to X that the new code doesn't handle correctly and causes invalid arguments passed to pixman.

Anyways, we can revert this patch and wait until we get hit by the same bug again when the next version of xorg-server will include this code from upstream, or start being constructive and debug this problem.

Quote from: Dave Reisner
I'm going to guess this was caused by the pixman update...

So I removed that stupied patch and uploaded xorg-server as 1.13.0-4.1. I hope they solve this soon. Otherwise I've to start to packaging that package-set for Manjaro ...
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