Author Topic: Manjaro broken at upgrades at my SDD xfs partition Kingston sddNOW 300  (Read 1430 times)

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I have 2 Manjaro installs, my old HDD one, that works fine, and my new SDD one that has broke twice after upgrading.

 I set up /var and /home at my 2Tb HDD, and / at the SDD with xfs, this is the second time  the SDD partition brokes at the upgrade.

I did read xfs was the best file system to use at SDDs

Any suggestion for my third try at SDD? May i add some parameters to the xfs, or use any other file system?

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I found this thread:
And it is the most recent mention of xfs filesystem problems prior to your post.
Apparently something to do with the kernel, so maybe read it and see if it is even remotely applicable to you.
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