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About installing software in ManjaroISO
« on: 25. April 2015, 13:05:49 »
I've read the wiki and watched this video but it only covers the basics.

For instance, if i want to load my own theme, not just add it to the build how to do it?

if i want to install git stuff like sublime-text-dev which is essentially sublime text 3 but the package manager gets it from github, so it's a git package how to do it?

The following is the most important: how to install oracle's jdk? on my system i had to install openjdk and open jre, for oracle's jdk to be compiled correctly, then after I made sure that oracle's jdk is installed I removed openjdk.

How to include packages that cannot be installed? like android studio, or photoshop, which is just a file that has to be installed in wine?

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Re: About installing software in ManjaroISO
« Reply #1 on: 25. April 2015, 16:52:07 »
here are the things i know:

- manjaroISO is deprecated. please use manjaro-tools instead. i have written a tutorial about it with all the links i could find. please read it an take a look at the links, too:

- you are talking about git installations, e.g. sublime-text-dev. you should rather talk about installing packages from the AUR. it is linked in the tutorial how to do it.

- i am not sure what your problem is with openjdk, but i think it might be same problem: adding packages from the AUR. you need to include all the (AUR) dependencies of AUR packages, but this is explained in much more detail in the link i gave you.

- if you want to install wine packages, you need to install the windows programs on your system in wine. then, add wine and its config folder (is it .wine?) to your manjaro-tools-profile. i have done this before and it worked.

- if you want to add your own theme, the proper way is to write a PKGBUILD file and upload it to the AUR. then, include that packge in your ISO. if you only want to add your theme without the possibility of updates, you need to add the theme files manually to the right folder. you also need to find the config file of your WM/DE and set your theme. all files you copy to the DE-overlay ( lxqt-overlay) folder in your manjaro-tools-profile gets added to the ISO the "skel" folder in the DE-overlay folder represents the home folder of your new ISO.
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