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App-Witchcraft Translation
« on: 26. February 2015, 20:58:59 »
although at present we Have Sabayon/Gentoo support

adding perl modules for Manjaro or arch is possible to robot the build services,
anyhow the system will generate new ebuild files for packages when possible, if configured for gentoo/Sabayon
plugins could be made for the system to make PKGBUILD files, in much the same way,
the system looks upstreem sees newer packages as SRC tarballs builds them adds them to a repo for users.
also trys to preform Q/A on builds. IT uses Vagrant Virtualbox/lxc to clone the system and do builds, so thus the base system is safe from the fray.

what would be a real treat is for packages to be Cross-distro-build-able for packages currently on neither side of the fence as of yet.
IE being able to build items from Manjaro on Gentoo based systems and Vissa-versa without too much hassles

so far as a Continuations integration Build server/service and the means of adding custom repo's is getting better and more stable
I have some initial translations of which I need to add into my fork and pull request back

anyhow feel free to fork and add in Arch or Manjaro goodness and submit a pull request.

hopefully this becomes what calamres dose for installs for package building for normal people, or tinkerers or have to have the most bleeding edge packages... (In fact I mean to tinker with a "port" to Gentoo/spike )
If manjaro has a package fo IT security , that Gentoo dosent being able to build it and load it and likewise , should be less of an issue

We would thank anyone who would care to perl hack some plugins for Manjaro and translators assisting us.