Author Topic: Bugie graphical interface is buggy after upgrade  (Read 836 times)

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Bugie graphical interface is buggy after upgrade
« on: 02. May 2016, 15:49:43 »
Hi guys,

I installed Manjaro stable 2015.11 ''manjaro-budgie-2015.11-x86_64.iso''. After an upgrade of nearly 1GB, I rebooted and then realized the User Interface had changed (for worse) with some missing programs such as the 'Budgie Settings'. In addition, most windows had no minimize/maximize buttons visible and also the windows were displaying a bug where the corners are white, when the theme should be dark.

What is going on here? Has anyone experienced this before?

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Re: Bugie graphical interface is buggy after upgrade
« Reply #1 on: 02. May 2016, 19:06:01 »
Hi Zeca ..don't worry .. my mistake .. have to update the page of 2015.11 release . i have build an iso in february minimal but also that have problem at the first update .. The problem of 2015.11 is the new versioning of budgie: all setting with new release are dopped ( is upstream problem not manjaro ) and other problem is the arrive of gtk 3.20 . For solve your poblem you can open terminal and do that :
Code: [Select]
cd .config/dconf
mv user user.bak
sudo rm -rf /etc/skel
sudo  manjaro-budgie-settings
after that logout and login and new budgie v10.5 is ready  ;)

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