Author Topic: KDE 4.9.4 hit our unstable repos  (Read 1220 times)

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KDE 4.9.4 hit our unstable repos
« on: 06. December 2012, 22:52:29 »
The KDE developers have released the last monthly stabilisation update for the KDE 4.9 release series. KDE 4.9.4 includes 71 bug fixes and translation improvements. Some of the bugs fixed caused KDE applications to crash.

The included bug fixes correct problems in the Dolphin file manager, the Kontact email and groupware client, and KDE's included development platform, among other applications. A detailed list of all changes is available from the KDE bugtracker. As usual with these monthly stabilisation updates, the developers recommend that all users install the update as soon as possible. They promise "a safe and pleasant update for everyone."

More details about the update are provided on the KDE SC 4.9.4 Info Page along with information on how to obtain binary packages of the desktop environment.

You'll find those packages in our unstable repos ...