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Secondary Package Management With Pacman
« on: 05. May 2016, 18:17:02 »
What the topic says: Secondary Package Management With Pacman, by Allan McRae. An oldie but a goodie. Is it still relevant? I dunno, haven't used this method before. A good read, nonetheless.

Who is Allan McRae? You should know this, you really should. Whether you always agree with him is another story. ;)

This article explores a method of installing application packages that you are really not sure you want to keep. And if you don't, how to get rid of all the dependencies by making the application themselves dependencies, hence orphans. Brilliant idea, anyway.

Anyway, the link:

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Re: Secondary Package Management With Pacman
« Reply #1 on: 07. May 2016, 00:28:58 »
interesting idea, but if you want to use it i recommend
Code: [Select]
yaourt -Qtd
it displays orphaned packages in a nicer way and offers you to remove them easily!
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