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Re: [Daniella] Second preview release
« Reply #30 on: 23. April 2016, 12:31:53 »
Agree! Best lightweight DE out there is xfce by far. You can do so much with it. Hope MATE and LX catch up soon.

LX follows, it uses currently manjaro-tools 0.11 too.  ;)
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Re: [Daniella] Second preview release
« Reply #31 on: 23. April 2016, 18:30:52 »
When you launch krunner, and if you save something on the desktop, the text for example favorites, application, computer, and so on becomes unreadable. Also VLC media player doesn't work. Also it doesn't remember the dual screen set up after a restart. This doesn't happen all the time though.

I need to modify this. Dual screen doesn't save the default settings at all. You need to set the dual screen every time you reboot.

I just tried Maui Theme, and it worked. It remembers the dual screen settings. So I assume there is a setting issue with Maia.
Also the VLC still is not working.