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High Security Password
« on: 16. September 2012, 23:32:51 »
So, a really wonderful distro and clearly laid out forum.

But please allow me to have a little moan. Not only about this forum but all instances where a password is required to log in.
Why o why, when security is of little importance does the registration ask for convoluted password?? Capital and non-capitals and numbers?? There is NO reason why some fraudster is going to try and hack into my Manjaro forum account or if they did I don't care. A nice simple easy to remember password should be accepted surely. No need for fort knox!

Ok, the standard forum app. used need this type of high security password - not the choice of forum designers.  OK I forgive ;) Distro so superb, I've nothing else to moan about so just nit-picking!!

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Re: High Security Password
« Reply #1 on: 18. September 2012, 18:47:02 »
... as you would know how many spammers we had last year with our old forum. That's the only way we can do it. Use a password saver. Even firefox can remember your passwords for each page ...