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External Monitor and LXQT
« on: 23. November 2014, 16:14:54 »
I have lxqt running on a Thinkpad T61 connected to an external monitor. I have adjusted the lxqt Screen settings to VGA output which looks great on my external monitor but each time I restart my computer the settings revert to default. How do I get the settings to stay permanently after I set them to VGA output?

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Re: External Monitor and LXQT
« Reply #1 on: 14. December 2014, 23:19:03 »
how much are you willing to tinker with the machine?  Are you willing to take the screw out of your thinkpad and disconnect the wire plug for the laptop screen?

Are you running any proprietary drivers?  You can disable the monitor you dont wish to use in the admin settings for your graphics card adapter.

If neither of these is an option then i have to defer you to someone wiser than myself.