Author Topic: [Statement] The future of Manjaro Linux  (Read 29089 times)

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Re: [Statement] The future of Manjaro Linux
« Reply #75 on: 01. October 2015, 03:15:05 »
Truly awesome, very impressed with it.  ;D

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Re: [Statement] The future of Manjaro Linux
« Reply #76 on: 21. October 2015, 16:35:00 »
To the Manjaro team: Thank You SO much for all that you have done! This is one beautiful, efficient and amazing OS. It totally blew me away from day 1.
I can't wait to see what the future holds.

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Re: [Statement] The future of Manjaro Linux
« Reply #77 on: 05. December 2015, 17:10:12 »
I've been using Linux for three years now: Ubuntu --> openSUSE --> Mint --> Manjaro. I must say that it is easily the best distribution I've used and I'm really grateful for all the work the testers, developers and contributors do to make it possible. Manjaro was the first Linux distribution that made me realize that I don't need to dual boot Windows anymore and that Linux really can be a home for me.

I have been encouraging my friends to get try Manjaro and will look for ways to contribute myself.

Thanks again,

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Re: [Statement] The future of Manjaro Linux
« Reply #78 on: 11. December 2015, 19:13:35 »
My road here was: Ubuntu->Xubuntu->Kubuntu->Linux Mint Cinnamon (stayed there for a while, because it's awesome distro, but it suited me in about 90% so I got looking forward) then finally Manjaro KDE and it's 100% perfection of what I wanted to get from a desktop, when it comes to functionality and look.

As to Manjaro installers, I was installing manjaro many times, because I was testing something and for me Thus proven to be robust and efficient, it had  error only once, while Calamaris was a disaster, it crashed or errored out on me 4 on 5 times, mainly after choosing partitions. Besides, Thus is much better looking and better automatizing some things during install. At the moment I wish Thus to be main installer and Calamaris to go home... Also I miss functionality in installers that is present in ubuntu or ubuntu based distros, namely - ability to install automatically alongside of existing system by shrining its partition. So there is still work to do.

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Re: [Statement] The future of Manjaro Linux
« Reply #79 on: 14. December 2015, 19:08:12 »
A heartfelt thank you to the manjaro team.
Because of Manjaro, the community, the excellent wiki and tutorials, I am more at ease with linux.
I have been using linux only since 2009 and will be for many more years to come.

Thanks for a great distribution. :)

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Re: [Statement] The future of Manjaro Linux
« Reply #80 on: 13. March 2016, 22:10:52 »
Job well done is all I can say :). Been part of the Manjaro community on and off starting from Openbox 0.8.x. Since then it's only getting better and better, and can easily compete with the likes of Ubuntus!
GNU/Linux will prevail! :)

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Re: [Statement] The future of Manjaro Linux
« Reply #81 on: 30. April 2016, 12:42:42 »
First huge thanks to all manjaro devs and community for such great distro ! :)  ;)

For all distros that I was try (ubuntu,mint,mandriva,open suse,fedora,centos etc ) ,there is only one conclusion :
the best distro on the world is manjaro  :P really awesome, beautiful, fast,great performance, no bugs, great updates and most important great support on forums ,best wiki ..

just awesome :)

+ 1 Totally agree!