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Off-Topic / Re: The main forums down again?
« Last post by ringo on 13. February 2019, 16:53:55 »
Newbie Corner / Network connection is Disconnected
« Last post by finalist on 14. January 2019, 13:53:52 »
I have no internet for a browser.
Manjaro Openbox Linux informs me on short time periods that "Network connection is Disconnected" (or something similar) at up-right corner.
Now I am writing this Post via another Linux at the same Computer.
The Editors for Network Connections for both Linux distributions are not equal, so I can not do the Network Connection for Manjaro to Connect.
How to do Network Connection to be Connected, so I to have Internet for Manjaro Openbox Linux ?
Applications & Desktop Environments / VLC and Firefox strange conflict
« Last post by kosptzakpag on 18. November 2018, 15:19:02 »
When I try to open download folder in Firefox the VLC player opens i
nstead of file manager.i reinstall VLC and Firefox and I made an update.the problem continues
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