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Title: Manjaro 0.8.0 released
Post by: philm on 20. August 2012, 19:55:40
We kept the public mostly in the dark. Some might thought that we are dead or something else. This was necessary to create our new distribution-framework. Currently we have one root-server hosting our main-repository and all our development tools and blog. Four official Manjaro Linux mirrors supply you guys with all our fresh packages, which are tested snapshots of Archlinux with our own packages in the mix. This means we are 100% compatible to Arch-Linux but yet standing on our own feet. Using AUR-repository is possible.

We are proud to announce our default Manjaro Edition featuring XFCE 4.10, Kernel 3.4.9, Xorg 7.6 with Xorg-Server 1.12.3 and gcc 4.7.1. Other than that we have also a DVD edition based on GNOME 3.4.2 and Cinnamon 1.5.2. Cinnamon is the default desktop in the live image but gnome-shell is also provided. Of the most popular applications like firefox 14.0.1, thunderbird 14.0, gimp 2.8 or libreoffice 3.5.5 with a nice look and feel you will find on this one! All out there loving KDE we have created another DVD editon featuring KDE 4.8.4. On this edition you have some popular applications like Calligra 2.4.3, k3b 2.0.3, amarok 2.5.0 kept mostly vanila !

Manjaro Linux targets beginners and advanced users at the same time. We provide UI-tools and scripts to make your life much more easier.

Manjaro supports Nvidia’s Optimus Technology out of the box. You can choose between nouveau/intel or nvidia/intel drivers combination.Manjaro hardware detection tool will configure your graphic-cards automatically and with help of bumblebee/bbswitch it is possible to switch to your desired graphic mode.

We hope you guys have as much fun as we had creating it!

kind regards

Philip Müller and the Manjaro Developers Team
Title: Re: Manjaro 0.8.0 released
Post by: Fixxxer on 21. August 2012, 10:35:07
Thank you for this distro. I am looking forward to try it. I love linux but I am not a very experienced user (I would call me "just-above-beginner), but Arch has always "scared" me with all its manual config etc.
Title: Re: Manjaro 0.8.0 released
Post by: cristatus on 21. August 2012, 13:37:49
I have just tested the main xfce edition on virtualbox. Great work! This is what I was always looking for. I am almost convinced to install it as my main OS.

Title: Re: Manjaro 0.8.0 released
Post by: eskaini on 21. August 2012, 13:38:33

Nice to hear that!
Title: Re: Manjaro 0.8.0 released
Post by: eskaini on 21. August 2012, 14:41:13
Thank you for this release! Manjaro seems very promising.  :D
I've installed it on my laptop. The installation procedure is clear, simple and very fast. I'll give up Chakra for Manjaro KDE because I much appreciate the total compatibility with Arch.
Long life to Manjaro!
PS: it would be nice to make another version for e17 environment.  :)
Title: Re: Manjaro 0.8.0 released
Post by: mrneilypops on 21. August 2012, 15:54:35

I much appreciate the total compatibility with Arch

Title: Re: Manjaro 0.8.0 released
Post by: pjnsmb on 21. August 2012, 17:33:15
I have been a long time user of Arch until I recently had a bad experience after a large pacman update. I just could not work out what had gone wrong,  and thought I could continue with my remaining Linux OS - aptosid ,mint, xubuntu, and live without Arch. But something has been missing ........until now  :) :) :) :)

I have tried Bridge, ArchBang, and Chakra without much success for an easy install.

I have found Manjaro a joy to install and very quick in use, start-up and shut-down.

Well done team, glad to be on board.


Title: Re: Manjaro 0.8.0 released
Post by: h@lf@rk on 21. August 2012, 22:15:22
I would like to thank all people who participate on this project. I liked arch mainly because of its speed and package system, I found and switched to Manjaro with the Xfce desktop and everything works on my Lenovo S205, you took all good things from Arch and saved me a lot of troubles and time solving issues and configuring.
Really well done, first distro working out of the box with my hardware. Sending the best regards from the Czech Republic.  ;)
Title: Re: Manjaro 0.8.0 released
Post by: eskaini on 21. August 2012, 22:30:18
You are welcome!

Many thanks!
Title: Re: Manjaro 0.8.0 released
Post by: Anja Noir on 21. August 2012, 22:38:55
Wow! I am now running the Cinn/Gnome variation. The installation went flawlessly and I was very
pleased with the installation extras (mirrorlist & pacman update & basic configs).

Well done, guys!!!  :)
Title: Re: Manjaro 0.8.0 released
Post by: eskaini on 21. August 2012, 22:49:20
Great to hear that. Thanks.  :)
Title: Re: Manjaro 0.8.0 released
Post by: gerinho on 21. August 2012, 23:14:39
I've used Manjaro since 0.1.1 for about 3 months (on my other pc's I use Gentoo, sabayon and Bridge xfce). I will try kde Manjaro's kde edition asap; keep the excelent work, guys  :D :D

All the best
Title: Re: Manjaro 0.8.0 released
Post by: philm on 22. August 2012, 02:11:48
Let me reply to all you guys. I start from the last post since this forum start with that one on replies:

@gerinho: thx to hear that you are one of our first users. Maybe you remember that 0.1.1 had an UI-Installer. Our new one wasn't ready for this release due issues with our partioning page. I created a backup installer for CLI. Since everybody agreed to use that one for 0.8.0 we made it available also from our DEs. This is only the beginning our the new Manjaro. More things to come. Thx for keeping us on your HDD :P

@Anja Noir: Cinnamon/Gnome is Guillaumes creation. He made a great edition. We focused only on XFCE until I rewrote manjaroiso to simple add other DEs to our images. Now it is flexible to add any DE on top of a basic root-install and driver-stack. Glad to hear you like it.

@h@lf@rk: Great that it worked out for you. We designed mhwd to do exactly that. Also to point out: We support Nvidia-Optimus out of the box. Our lead-developer has such a Netbook with Nvidia/Intel hybrid card. He worked his bud off to have Manjaro running on his machine. Also he has some issues with his Razer Mouse. Guess what: we will support mouse, keyboard, printers and other hardware with manjaro. On top of that we will create a database for you guys to put your personal CONFIG-files on. So all can help us to make mhwd better and easier for all to config your hardware by just pluggin it in!

@pjnsmb: Yes we know all about this scary big /usr/lib update Archlinux did. Guess what. We had the same issue: Well only me on my PCs since I wrote an update-pack to solve this issue. After we had figured all out we added all packages at once to our repository. This way there was nothing left out and a simple pacman -Syy was the only thing you had to do. Some might know Mint-Debian edition which is also a rolling release model. They provide update-packs. We will have a testing-repository also. There you might get earlier updates than in our stable branch. We try to push new packages to our stable-branch only if it is with no issue involved so all our users have a running system all the time. With 0.9.0 release we will switch from our default reiser filesystem to btrfs having a snapshot function which means followed: For every big update pack Manjaro will create a snapshot and add that to your grub list. After you performed your Update you can reboot and try it. If some happend you still can boot into your old system and retry to update your system until you manage it. You've always an option to report any issue so we can fix it. Less pain more fun with your PC ;)

@FarStar: Well, I was the Lead-Developer once of Chakra. Now I'm here - do I have more to say?

@cristatus: I just can say: it is even more snappier than on your virtual machine. Come on! What are you waiting for?

@Fixxxer: Yes, I was also always scared in the dark - until I grown up ;)

Have a nice one and thx again for liking our creation.

Kind regards

Philip Müller

Title: Re: Manjaro 0.8.0 released
Post by: guinux on 22. August 2012, 16:11:31
Glad to know that you are happy with our work.  :D
We did it for you all, with the aim to make a fast and up-to-date distro.
I hope the community will grow and all can help us to make Manjaro better at every release.
Title: Re: Manjaro 0.8.0 released
Post by: cumali on 22. August 2012, 20:44:26
congratulations :)