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Title: DVD playback
Post by: Gumby on 14. March 2016, 04:48:29
I have very choppy DVD playback on VLC:  every 5-10 seconds the video will freeze and the sound will go out momentarily.  On the other hand, VLC has no problem playing high resolution media files such as mkv, etc.

But no problem with the optical drive as I am able to play DVDs and Blu-Rays in Windows without issue.

The problem is with all DVDs whether commercial with copy protection or home-made with no protection.

I have an Nvidia GTX 780 and am using the proprietary driver 352.79.  I also have the vdpau libraries installed.

Then I tried installing the mpv media player, and it plays DVD just fine!  I am fine with using mpv for all my media needs instead of VLC.  But I'm just wondering if this is a known issue with VLC, and if there is a fix.  I tried enabling hardware acceleration in VLC, etc. and it all made no difference in the choppy DVD playback.

Title: Re: DVD playback
Post by: MadmanRB on 14. March 2016, 04:57:28
Interesting, for me VLC works just fine in both linux and windows.
It could be a config issue of some kind, how fresh is your install of manjaro?
Title: Re: DVD playback
Post by: inkrypted on 14. March 2016, 06:22:46
I am using an EVGA GeForce GTX 980 Ti 06G-P4-4992-KR 6GB in my main machine and I have that issue with VLC both in Fedora and Manjaro. Since I am Using Gnome in Fedora and Cinnamon in Manjaro I switched to Gnome Videos (Formerly Totem) and it works alot better.
Title: Re: DVD playback
Post by: c00ter on 14. March 2016, 13:29:05
A lot of the time this can be an X11 issue, and changing 'sna' to 'uxa'--or the reverse--will help. TearFree is another option, but can impact framerates in games, for example. Also, if using  Xfce, then switching compositors will also help. Finally, OP, please take the time to complete your forum profile, at least fleshing out your hardware info, and please state what version and DE/WM version of Manjaro you are using. It just makes life a lot easier for all concerned. :D

Title: Re: DVD playback
Post by: beardedragon on 14. March 2016, 14:05:04
I changes to SMplayer and have never looked back for this very reason.  Tired many "Fixes" to no avail.
Title: Re: DVD playback
Post by: Gumby on 14. March 2016, 18:21:53
Thanks for the replies.

I have a fresh install as of 2 weeks ago, and updated in the meantime.

I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one experiencing these issues with VLC.  It seems it may dependent on hardware and configuration.  I tried tweaking settings per advice found online, but to no avail...  I'm just happy I found a media player that will work for DVDs for me.  I uninstalled VLC since I generally don't like having redundant apps.

Where are the 'sna' and 'uxa' settings?  That is something I don't think I tried.

I have also fleshed out my profile a bit.

Thanks again.
Title: Re: DVD playback
Post by: Shryp on 14. March 2016, 19:35:12
Another option you have is to rip all of your DVDs to a hard drive / NAS and then use something like Kodi to play them.
Title: Re: DVD playback
Post by: mandog on 14. March 2016, 19:54:03
Very strange Never had a problem with VLC all the others have never been any good including Mplayer that used to work well but not any more
Title: Re: DVD playback
Post by: stevedude on 15. March 2016, 18:40:30
VLC has always worked for me, however, here are some resources to try:

Also Try PREFERENCES > SHOW ALL > VIDEO CODECS> FFmpeg > Check "Allow Speed Tricks" and select "Skip the Loop Filter For All H.264 Decoding" to ALL