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Title: i3 ISOs moved and updated
Post by: oberon on 31. July 2015, 21:17:56
I have moved the ISOs for i3- to the cloud service MEGA now (there is still no way with Sourceforge...)
and updated the original announcement ( with the new links.

The i686-ISOs have been slightly corrected in that the correct version of palemoon (-bin, not -atom-bin) is preinstalled. 8)

With the OpenRC-ISOs it turned out that your time zone settings will only be effective after first reboot and cannot be adopted in the live environment. Of course you can easily achieve this also without having to install on real hardware by installing on a virtual hdd in virtualbox.
Pinta seems to be a particular diva ::) and will not launch until your local time can be detected - so, will only work in the installation...

Have fun testing! :)