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Title: i have broke some system actions?
Post by: ringo on 24. February 2013, 17:54:34

i have recent install openbox rc1 0.84...

with some messing around some action cant do anymore ...

its strange i dont know if it on today update or my own.... :)

i did placed my self in system-tools as administrator,  but the pamac is also updated

want install libreoffice true pamac, but i cant because it dont give a dialog to give passwords in.. then it saids you are not authorized... i thought its pamac but first searching my lxdm-settings dont work also not proper only with sudo lxdm-config in terminal, and users and groups i can not click on advanced settings now did want change back the administrator thing but that failed have change a bit in /etc/group  , now on users and groups is now custom but not fixed with that if revers some gnome thing back, but i dont know what missed really i miss some package i gues... nm-applet doesnt show up automatically i have it place now in autostart , but its working so... doesnt not know where to search no im thinking what have i done :)  i think misses something but polkit is in the system... maybe missed some file ?
Title: Re: i have broke some system actions?
Post by: philm on 25. February 2013, 08:25:09
Can't help you out on this one. Maybe you have to boot from your live-cd and fix some files. Or you can download the final Openbox-Version of 0.8.4 were we fixed some stuff:

manjaro-openbox-0.8.4-i686.iso (
manjaro-openbox-0.8.4-x86_64.iso (
manjaro-openbox-0.8.4-SHA-SUMS (
Title: Re: i have broke some system actions?
Post by: ringo on 25. February 2013, 08:34:41
mayby some idea.... i did not really from where it came/ update or own thing after some experimenting i broke it further .... some strange handling to... i dont know have reinstall openbox for sure ...had broken sofar from te bone even no sudo anymore :)

its ok now.... pamac does now how it should do a bit ... i shall dont change to much.. :)ยต

now solved :)