Author Topic: Issue having both XFCE and KDE installed?  (Read 560 times)

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Issue having both XFCE and KDE installed?
« on: 02. June 2013, 06:08:05 »
I recently installed KDE to just try it out.  It recently started acting funky -- not applying window themes, hanging on certain activities, bogging down.  I booted into an XFCE session and it appeared as if kwin were still running things because the default KDE window theme was in place rather than the GTK theme I use for XFCE.  I ran xfwm4 --replace and got a message about waiting for kwin to stop, confirming my suspicion.  XFCE is now back to what I like and I have uninstalled KDE via pacman -Rns.  Is there a known issue with having both DEs present in one installation?  Or was there something else at play?
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