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package request : Powerpills (!)
« on: 26. February 2013, 02:20:14 »

i have seen some people Cant update because of to slow network or others....

even it cant install powerpills from aur  :o

so it would be usefull if powerpill(s)s comes in  manjaro base besides pacman.

powerpills reflecting the mirrors... so you have some mirrors so it select all in this way speed a bit up for updating..
its just handy for some lowe speed also....

i had compiled from one and sended by email because it failed on updating.... reason, is the speed of some...
he couldnt even use the Aur with it... i packaged the files and sended to him and now is ok :)

he did tried all mirrors but it failed.... rankmirror dont work for him i gues.. romania?

hope it will comes in the base of 0.85 of manjaro :)
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