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Applications & Desktop Environments / Sound is low
« Last post by kosptzakpag on 27. October 2018, 04:41:14 »
The sound volume is too low.the sound in Windows is louder
Off-Topic / The main forums down again?
« Last post by LizziAS on 21. October 2018, 17:23:40 »
what's up with that?  I thought we were passed all that forum going down business?
Xfce / Xrandr cannot recognize proper resolution and refresh rate
« Last post by GrandGamer on 10. October 2018, 01:47:09 »
I have a 2k 144Hz Samsung FreeSync monitor. When I was using HDMI, I had proper resolution but the Refresh Rate was only 60 Hz. When I switched to DisplayPort (monitor's included cable), xrandr only recognizes up to 1080p60hz.
I use 2 monitors, the second one is a 1080p 60hz monitor. I am on an i7 3930k with AMD RX 460 gpu with AMDGPU driver. Keep in mind that the proper resolution is reported in Xorg logs from the monitor EDID.
Also note that Xubuntu on a live USB sets the proper resolution and refresh rate.

xrandr DP output

EDIT: I should also add that in HDMI mode, Manjaro not only doesn't recognize 144Hz but it also recognizes 4k resolution which isn't supported by the monitor.

xrandr HDMI output
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