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Issues with Firefox 45.0.2
« on: 29. April 2016, 15:48:09 »
I have recently updated my computer, as I was a little behind, and installed the latest Firefox. But upon rebooting, for some reason, the Firefox mini menus, like when you right click on something and even the menus in Bookmarks, Tools, etc, are now just a solid color with a perhaps a few icons off to the side. I am no longer able to read them and often not even hovering over them will tell me what they are.

This issue only occurs with Firefox. Any other thing I try does not have this problem.

I have tried altering my computer's theme with no avail, and I have attempted to alter Firefox's, but that doesn't appear to have worked, unless I am doing it incorrectly.

Is there anything else that I can try?

Edit: Please disregard this post. I hadn't realized it had gone through. I had tried to stop it when I saw that there was a topic on the same issue that I had overlooked available.
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