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Hi John,

You have posted in the "Classic" - old, out of date & unused Manjaro forum, which exists "only" for reference purposes.
Please create an account here: & where you will have an audience when you vent your frustrations, & also I expect that a solution to your problem will be supplied.

Good luck (& welcome ;) )
Off-Topic / Re: Manjaro T-shirt
« Last post by handy on 10. August 2017, 09:42:55 »
Hi victorsk,

This forum is the "old classic forum" it has been closed for longer than I can remember at this point. So if you would like to use the current Manjaro forum then you should create an account on & seek your permissions to do what you will over there.
Good luck :)
Newbie Corner / Re: menu maximized and won't restore to normal
« Last post by Photon on 24. July 2017, 14:32:28 »
Just for completeness: This bug is fixed in compiz-reloaded (0.8.x fork packaged in the AUR) and I reported the bug against the 0.9.x branch:
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