Author Topic: Pamac sees all installed packages as "local" packages  (Read 696 times)

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Pamac sees all installed packages as "local" packages
« on: 07. March 2016, 20:47:45 »
If I search for a package in pacman it shows normally the repository where is it, but...if I install it then it seems as "local".
So if I want to remember the repo of the package (sometime in the future), I have to search every repository (in the tab of repositories and the tab of aur) because every installed package from both official repos and aur,  appears as "local".
If I'm not mistaken in the past the pamac was showing only the aur's packages as "local" and was showing normally the repo of official packages, even after their installation.
Regarding this I think that the old way of pamac was better, or there is something that I can not see?
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